From 3 March 7-9 pm (Online)

Are you suffering from chronic pain, migraines, autoimmune diseases, effects of long Covid or other forms of inflammation & chronic stress?


Let’s strengthen your immune system by leveraging holistic and transformative approaches, such as various breathing exercised including transformational breath, movement, sound, self-touch, meditation, essential oils, and many other healing approaches.

In addition, while more studies need to be done, breath working exercises have the potential to help your lungs become more efficient and mitigate physical and emotional elements of stress.

This 6-weeks program is designed to improve your physical and emotional well-being through awareness of your breath and body. You will learn the theory and connection between illness, stress and trauma and its effects on the body and practice conscious connected breath and body awareness methods that help interrupt habitual response, unhelpful behaviors, and thoughts.

Why becoming your own medicine really works

Our nervous system is at the very core of how we feel each day. It controls everything from our immunity and digestion, to our endocrine and muscular systems, and yet few people turn their attention to the nervous system when they’re looking to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

It’s simply not on most people’s radar, when the reality is it should be our number one priority. Becoming your own medicine is about learning to listen to your nervous system, understand it, and give it what it needs. It works because you are addressing issues at the root.

What you will get in a nutshell

On this journey you will learn tools that you can easily incorporate into your daily life, techniques that will empower you to heal trauma and strengthen your emotional resilience. We all have to deal with the stresses and strains of life, the highs and lows, but now you’ll have the techniques you need to navigate your way more smoothly.

NO MORE DRAMA. How do you like the sound of that? Aaah, bliss. Then, from that calm and oh-so-untriggered place you can get down to the business of reaching more of your full potential and becoming who you would truly love to be.

Introduction To Body Awareness

  • Intro: Grounding meditation, intention setting
  • Theory: Introduction to polyvagal theory; regulation of the nervous system, fight and fight response – how to recognize it in daily life; neuroception – be aware of the sensation in the body; connection between chronic stress PTSD and physical illnesses, such as autoimmune diseases.
  • Practical exercises: Body awareness exercise, heart opening – coherent breathwork
  • Tips & Take-aways

Reclaim Your Body

  • Intro: Kundalini body movement, intention setting
  • Theory: Introduction to long term covid and lungs related respiratory illness; explaining what diaphragm is, how to breath effectively; learning to recognize your breathing pattern, and importance of boosting immune system to deal with inflammations; chronic pain, fighting with cancer, heart diseases and autoimmune illness; and the neuroplasticity of the nervous system
  • Practical exercises: Body awareness and movement practices to rewire nervous system and reboot immune system; safe place meditation – sound healing
  • Tips & Take-aways

Emotional awareness

  • Intro: Body movement, intention setting
  • Theory: IIntroduction to emotions stuck in the body; triggers and how to activate the body; emotional connection to the body and implications of developing chronic pain, and other inflammatory autoimmune illnesses
  • Practical exercises: Body awareness exercise, Yoga Nidra
  • Tips & Take-aways

Emotional body

  • Intro: Body movement, intention setting
  • Theory: Introduction to emotional regulation – How do we experience emotions in our life? How do we feel when we are not emotionally regulated? The implications of repressing and suppressing emotions to our physical wellbeing.
  • Practical exercises: Body awareness exercise, inner child work
  • Tips & Take-aways

Becoming your authentic self

  • Intro: Body movement, intention setting
  • Theory: Introduction to self-soothing, strengthening your resilience, how to internalize the lost part of the soul that left your body through the trauma
  • Practical exercises: Body awareness exercise, soul retrieval technique
  • Tips & Take-aways

Stepping into your potential – connecting to your life purpose

  • Intro: Body movement, intention setting
  • Theory: Introduction to; how to step into our power – self acceptance, trauma healing
  • Practical exercises: Body awareness exercise, shamanic drumming meditation to find your power animal
  • Tips & Take-aways

journey to become your own medicine - the breath spychologist

Course format

This is an online course so you will need internet access, whether that’s via a laptop/tablet/smartphone, plus a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down whilst you experience the exercises. Have pillows handy, a blanket & a glass or water for the breath work sessions.

Each week you will receive Zoom recordings of each class plus all the relevant materials. You also have the option to be part of our Facebook group, where you can share and learn from others on the course.

Are you ready to make a commitment to YOURSELF?

Could you learn a breathing tool and use it daily to support your health & mindset?

Remember, change only happens when we do things DIFFERENTLY…

About Elif Clarke

Elif Clarke MSc is also known as ‘The Breath Psychologist’. A Breath Psychologist is
exactly what it says on the tin. I study the way you breathe – your inhale, exhale, the volume of your breath and more – and use all the information that your breathing pattern gives me to pinpoint where in your body you are holding tension and trauma.

Your breath even gives me insights into the nature of that trauma, the emotions you are experiencing, and the underlying beliefs that are likely shaping your world – often unconsciously. With this newfound awareness I partner with and transform your breath, restoring your natural and optimal breathing pattern, the one you had as a small baby. In doing so a layer of trauma is released and permanently resolved. Yes, permanently.

Becoming The Breath Psychologist was a long road, but a worthwhile one that has brought me great career satisfaction and the privilege of helping so many people from all walks of life. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology I worked within the National Health Service for over twenty years, as a Psychologist and BACP registered Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. I specialised in clients suffering from complex trauma, PTSD, painful flashbacks, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, alongside many other psychological problems. At this stage of my journey my work was focused on the mind, a key component in our overall health. Yet I found myself drawn to studying the body. I wanted a better understanding of the role it has to play in our well being. I decided to train in Yoga Nidra, a mindful and meditative movement practice that induces deep states of relaxation. Yoga Nidra also includes powerful yogic breathing techniques, from which I experienced profound benefits.

In 2004 I gained my yoga teaching qualification, but more importantly also gained a renewed appreciation for the way the human body can integrate psychological and physical trauma, shift deeply rooted beliefs and behaviours – and ultimately heal itself. It was around this time I stumbled across an article in a magazine about Transformational Breath®. It explained how each and everyone of us unconsciously holds our breath to avoid feeling painful emotions, and how over the years this can become habitual, causing and exasperating a whole host of physical and mental ailments and conditions. When we breathe using the Transformational Breath® technique, we can access the trauma that by this point in time has become stored in our cellular memory. Through breathing in the correct way we allow anything that no longer serves us to come to the surface, to be processed gently and safely – without any need to talk. I was captivated by the idea that so much could be achieved in perfect silence, without the need to re-hash painful stories.

I followed what I felt was ‘my calling’ and enrolled for professional training in this pioneering therapy. In time I became a certified Facilitator, then continued my education all the way to Senior Trainer level. Today I am one of just a handful of Senior Trainer’s worldwide, appointed by Dr. Judith Kravitz, creator of the Transformational Breath® Foundation and a revered influential healthcare professional in this space. You might like to know that I have used Transformational Breath® in my own life, to manage and relieve the symptoms I experience as someone who encountered childhood polio. I have also used ‘the breath’ to navigate emotional challenges and upheavals. It’s these personal, positive experiences that have made me such a believer in this modality. My intuition is integral to my work. When I work with a client my entire focus is on them. I hold the intention to connect with them, their energy, and always visualize the highest potentials for them. For me this energetic exchange is important.

I am an integrated practitioner with a truly holistic approach to my work. Not only do I blend my expertise in mind and body, I involve soul and spirit in everything I do. I am a highly intuitive person and am fortunate to be able to ‘see’ and sense underlying dis-ease, meaning I can get to it quickly and engage at the level of root causes. I have nurtured and developed this gift of intuition further through my love of spiritual practices, such as Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Healing, which I also bring to my work at the client’s request.


Just wanted to say a huge Thankyou for the course, it was absolutely amazing. The content of the course was perfect for me, I have been practicing transformational breath and learning about polyvagal theory for a while and found the balance between theory and practice to be perfect. You are a truely inspirational teacher, so authentic – your lovely personality shines through even on screen, and your extensive knowledge, expertise and experience is apparent throughout.

You have such a unique gift, I was amazed and intrigued by your ability to recognise each individuals stuck emotions and how this may show up in their lives your direction was always well timed and very helpful.

I feel as though I have been able to move deeper into the transformational breathwork, and release some extremely difficult and stuck emotions from my body. In particular, the letting the love in meditation and judgement session and the final breathing session were incredible. My physical and mental health has improved dramatically since doing the 6 week course and practicing regularly. I do feel as though I now have a toolbox full of techniques that will serve me in every day life as well as the ability to shift and release trauma and stuck emotions from my body.

The only criticism I have is that the course has come to an end!

I will be recommending to everyone!!

Thankyou so much – you are an amazing human and I am truely grateful.

I hope to be able to breath with you again very soon, although I enjoy practicing by myself it isn’t the same as having you there!

Please could you send me details about 1-1 sessions?

Thanks so much Elif,


Elif is an inspiration….
Her knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious.
I have learned so much about Breathwork and how to ‘Be my own Medicine’ during the six week course. It has given me lots of useful tools and the course material is very informative. All my questions have been answered fully with compassion and encouragement.
I am looking forward to learning more Transformational Breathwork with Elif in the future.
Thank you Elif xxx


Hi Elif, I wanted to share my feedback with you on the course –

Thank you so much, the change in me over the last 6 weeks has been pretty significant. I started the course going through a really tough period of sleeplessness. Over the 6 weeks, I learnt how to be far more compassionate with myself, and instead of getting frustrated or being ashamed of not being able to sleep, I found a sense of ease with it all. My sleep is still far from ideal but the feelings of anxiety and shame that I have around that have significantly diminished through learning to be compassionate with myself. I feel like this course provided me with a gateway to a new and far more loving and compassionate way of relating to myself, which I am excited to continue.

Thank you X

‘Thank you for leading the way home for us so gracefully with your course. I am very grateful I found you and this work. Now I would ( if I had the power) legislate that everyone on the planet is exposed to these teachings!..’ 


‘After tonight’s session I feel like I have been working on myself for years and there is not a lot of forgiveness for myself but this breathing work and the tools you are providing us with is slowly starting to help. I will be practicing with a grateful heart.’


I really really like this course, it’s phenomenal how much more effective this is versus other types of self-help. Feeling sadness is a new thing for me. As I would just shove away that and many other negative emotions whenever vaguely felt them. So the process of self-discovery is progressing but it feels hard. And I’m not so open about it but that will evolve too I am sure.’


‘It was incredible last night. I really enjoyed it. I practice your 25 mins meditation at least 5 days a week as a part of my morning routine. When you played the second music track, I just cried very badly.. kind of releasing and entered into a very deep sleep and was shocked to wake up when you called my name. It’s great awareness to know my feeling and my thoughts. I don’t know how to explain that, but thank you for being wonderful company for us. I am really grateful.’


‘Last night I had a beautiful sensation of dropping into my heart. I’m loving the course, I’ve done 5 years of trauma recovery work inc SE, mindfulness, movement, polyvagal theory etc, but you bring everything together so beautifully & clearly.


Customer review (Video)


Please be aware that you are taking responsibility for your health and well being. Seek medical advice as to whether breath work is safe if you have serious physical and emotional and mental health conditions. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at +44 (0)7944 532456 or I look forward to meeting you and guiding you on this exciting journey.


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