Monthly Breath Group

Monthly breath groups are for those that have already been to a Transformational Breath workshop, seminar, or have had at least one 1-2-1 session.

If you haven’t experienced Transformational Breath before you need to attend a Transformational Breath Introductory workshops.

The intention of the group is to meet once a month to practice Transformational Breath within a safe and nurturing environment, to keep in touch with friends of Transformational Breath, and to have a group facilitated session led by Elif & Sarah. We will be running these events regularly each month until the end of the year.



How should I prepare for this event?

You will know the session is over an hour in length lying on a floor. The venue is a Church Hall and the temperature is a bit variable. Wear layers and wrap up warm in colder weather.

Bring a water bottle, as you will know breathwork makes you thirsty. Also, it’s good to wear layers of clothing so you can wrap up if you get cold, or remove layers if you get hot.

Please arrive promptly as we will start on time.

What experience do I need?

In order to participate, you will have had to have attended a Transformational Breath Introductory workshops, or had a one to one session.  Please contact me if you’re unsure, or require further information.

What are the benefits of attending your group?

It will be an opportunity for you to have facilitated sessions to make sure that you breath in a correct way. It will motivate you to do regular self-practice in your own time. You will be a part of growing breathing community. Some of our participants arrange to meet outside to breath together. It is also an incredible experience to breath with a group of like minded people who are going through similar experience you are going.

Contact Elif

Whatever your requirements, I’d love to hear from you.  Please click the button below to get in touch, or call me on 07944 532456.



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