Breathwork & Body Awareness Support

My approach working with my clients in individuals, couples, groups and children are mainly based on Transformational Breath (Conscious Connected Breath).

I also draw on a wide range therapy tools from psychology, yoga, breathworks, and body awareness approaches to support my clients in accessing and developing their own medicine to strengthening their resilience to heal wounds of the past so there is more availability for gifts and possibilities of the present.

All sessions are designed for individual needs. It is suggested to receive minimum three breathwork sessions to receive the maximum physical benefits of breathing in a conscious connected way.

Why Breathwork and What to Expect in a Session

Breathwork is an opportunity for those seeking clarity, grounding, resilience, and accessing their authentic self. From navigating loss and grief to releasing unhelpful thinking and behavioural patterns, breathwork can support release of tension, stress, and trauma from the body, and allow you to connect with your deeper wisdom, innate knowing, aliveness, and inspiration for life. It goes right into the root of the presenting problems much quicker than talking therapy. According to Henry Rohrberg, “one-hour conscious connected breathwork is equal to about two years of psychotherapy.”

Your breathwork journey starts with short intake questions. You will then be asked about your intention, what you would like to receive from the session. Intentions could be breathing better, having more energy, release disconnection from body or from emotions, managing stress better, strengthening your resilience or learn a new way of dealing with ups and downs emotions.

You will be then given a breath analysis to find out how your life experiences shaped your breath, and what you hold on to prevent you living your life purpose. Following breathe analysis, you will be guided gently into breathing conscious connected way with ease. Your journey will be accompanied by a consciously curated soundtrack.

In our face to face sessions I will be using an acupressure to release tension and constriction of muscles, so that you can have an open and flowing breath, to let go anything which are getting in the way to fully step into your strength and power.

Online sessions obviously differ and you will be guided to use your hands to put pressure on parts of the body which is holding tension. Self-touch will help you to become more connected to your body and to the present moment awareness.

Sound (toning) and movement and other body awareness practices during the session may also be practiced to free emotional tension and constriction in the body. You will be guided to conscious connected breathing throughout session including during the last 15 minutes of the session in which your body and mind will have an opportunity to fully process and integrate the session.

After the session, if you chose to so, you will be given a space to share your experiences. I will suggest practice ways you can incorporate a self-practice into your daily life

A minimum of three sessions is suggested to those who have never experienced Transformational breath or Conscious Connected Breath before.

Should you wish to experience a shift in your physical and mental distress and gain incredible benefits of body and breath awareness including to receive other healing tools to suit your presenting needs, you are advised to attend minimum 5 to 7 sessions.


One 90-minute introductory session (£120) will have breathing analysis, learn technique to use it in your own time

Wish to continue further to deepen your journey with breathwork and body awareness prices are as follows:

3 x 75 minute sessions: £330

5 x 75 minute sessions: £450

7 x 75 minute Deepening sessions: £650

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or full payment will be required. Concessions and children’s rates are offered on requests.


One to one Sessions are presently taking via Zoom in the comfort of your home.

All you need a quiet environment, a computer, mat, pillow and blanket.

Once the session or sessions are paid by paypal or bank transfer, you will receive email about how to prepare for your sessions and Zoom link.

For more enquiries and session booking, please email to or call on 07944 532456.


Thank you Elif for such a wonderful online breathing session, it blew my expectations completely out of the water! As a single person living alone, I have been especially missing human touch in these past two months. A handshake, a hug, a kiss. Physical contact that connects us, unites us.

Once I got into position, closed my eyes and started breathing to your music, it was as if you were right next to me. I felt held by you, supported by you, loved by you. The intensity of that beautiful feeling gave me the safety to drop into the place of surrender and vulnerability that I needed to go to. And what intense moments of release I experienced as a result: release of emotions I had been holding onto; release of tension that had been building up with this challenging lockdown. I am feeling so light and clear-headed right now. Feeling centred, grounded, creative!

Thank you for your beautiful intuition and guidance. I will book in for another session next week! – Rupert

This was among the most powerful breathwork sessions I’ve experienced. Elif’s holding of the space and specific facilitation was pretty outstanding. I was surprised – as my first official on-line session as a client – that the work can be this powerful over Zoom. Fantastic.

This session was significant because of the downloads that I got. This was one of those sessions that brought some big insights about how to move forward on my path as an alternative healthcare provider. At one point some very strong feelings of gratitude came, with emotion, and clear instructions about some things that have been percolating. – Alan

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