Online Breathwork Circle

I am pleased to let you know that we are gathering to create a safe space on Zoom to breathe together to experience many incredible physical, mental and emotional benefits of breathing regularly. This include release physical tension, sleep better, having clear and focused mind, manage anxiety and stress and many more.

This new year bring so many new possibilities, yet with the turmoil going on all around us, we may find ourselves experiencing a greater uncertainty, stress and anxiety. That is why having a regular breathing practice is essential to build our strength and resilience to deal with difficulties we go through.

Weekly Breath Circle starting 17th February 2021 from 8 to 9pm.

Initially, breathing circle is going to be for six weeks with the view of extending further.
The payment for each class is £10. If you book for six weeks in advance, £7 will be for each class.

Whether you are experienced or non-experienced breathers, you are all welcome.

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