I run regular an Introductory workshop in Transformational Breath® at the light centre, Victora and wheathseaf hall in Vauxhall.

Did you know that the average person takes nearly thousand breaths and hour? Regardless of age, health or condition, you can benefit from learning how to breath using your full respiratory system.

During the workshop, you will learn three basic levels of Transformational Breath®. These are physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels. Through breath analysis, you will find out your own unique breath pattern and how to breath better by engaging diaphragmatic breathing.

You will be able release unconscious thoughts, beliefs and painful memories from your body’s cellular memory by breathing previously restricted and close parts of your respiratory system. You will also learn to use other modalities including sound, movement, affirmations, and body mapping.

You will also practice Transformational Breath® and be encouraged to integrate into your daily life. The workshop is aimed to give a tool to practice at home for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

ONLINE Featured Workshops

Weekly Breathwork & Yoga Nidra Class for Trauma Recovery (Online via Zoom)


Time: 7.30pm
Location: Online Every Wednesday

Starting May 20th and every Wednesday thereafter.     Weekly breathwork and yoga nidra online class for trauma recovery held by senior breathwork trainer Elif.

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Weekly Breath Circle (Online via Zoom)


Time: 11:00am to 12:00pm
Location: Online Every Saturday

Starting May 23rd and every Saturday thereafter.   We know many of you are missing out on the regular breath sessions that we used to offer. Elif has been offering online sessions to some of her regular clients, and now is ready to take the next step and invite all the Big Breath followers to attend.

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Weekly Breathwork and Body Relaxation Classes for Managing Fear & Trauma (Online via Zoom)


Time: 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Location: Online Every Wednesday

During weekly classes, I am going to guide you to experience various type of breathworks and body relaxations, including learning to be aware of your breathing pattern and learning how to breath effectively and understanding of what your breathing patterns mean.

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There are numerous benefits you may experience at the end of workshop.

These are as follows: more energy, detoxification of the body, integration of stress and tension, relaxation of the mind and body; improved mood, relief of physical and emotional pain; boost the immune system; and access to spiritual experiences.

Everybody can benefit from breathing better. We ay need to make certain adjustments, e.g. prop you up on some extra pillows. There will be an opportunity at registration for you to make us aware of any medical condition. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are able to provide an excellent facilitation and support throughout your breath session.

We provide blankets, yoga matts and pillows. You will need to wear comfortable clothes.  Please bring your own water.

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