Upcoming Events & Workshops

Below you’ll find any upcoming events and workshops you may wish to attend. 

Transformational Breath ® Seminar Course (Levels 1,2,3)

This transformational training program will be led by Elif Clarke (Senior Trainer) and Vincent Oloo (Senior Trainer)

Reclaim your breath weekend

Transformational Weekend Retreat

Join us for a weekend retreat with four Transformational Breath sessions, including sound, movement to embark on a journey of self-discovery

Transformational One Day Retreat

In a one-day retreat, use holistic tools to boost resilience and explore deep self-discovery through addressing unprocessed thoughts and emotions.

Online Breathwork and Meditation

Try the most powerful breathwork technique-Transformational Breath®, learn to breathe in the most efficient way for your body.
Reclaim Your Breath

Monthly Breath Circle

This is for people who have already been to a Transformational Breath workshop, or seminar, or had had at least 1 1-1 session with myself or with other facilitators.
Elif Clarke

1-2-1 Breathwork Sessions

Breathwork is an opportunity for those seeking clarity, grounding, resilience, and accessing their authentic self.

You are the Medicine

Elif Clarke, trauma focused psychologist and Transformational Breath® Senior trainer and facilitator offers self-empowering holistic tools to help you to access your own medicine to promote physical vitality, to bring emotional freedom in you, and assist you to connect to your innate resilience.

Elif Clarke -The Breath Psychologist

Connected Breath (Transformational Breath®)

Transformational Breath® (Connected Breathwork)

Transformational Breath® is self-empowering tool connecting to your deepest innate healing intelligence to heal yourself.



Connected Breathwork as a Tool for Better Health

Breathwork has been growing in popularity lately  as a way of providing a lifelong tool for enhancing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

On a physical level, the most efficient way to breathe is using your diaphragm, taking a long deep inhale before exhaling. This expands your respiratory system providing more oxygen to the body, which in turn massages your internal organs and activates the body’s lymphatic system. This flow of oxygen also removes toxins, nourishing cells with oxygen-rich blood which promotes a healthy immune system.

The way you breathe can change dramatically depending on emotion and your state of mind.

People who have experienced trauma or suffer from other anxiety disorders often tend to hold their breath or breathe in a shallow and erratic way, which is actually the body’s way of avoiding emotional distress and traumatic memories.

However, this does not promote good health and these unprocessed emotions become stored in our body and also in our respiratory system as fear, tension or pain, which in turn exacerbates mental and emotional difficulties.


Naturally, carrying around such unprocessed emotions prevents you from living as freely as possible, causing physical and mental health issues. Correct deep breathing techniques with the help of acupressure, body mapping, breath analysis, and music will provide a way for you to release those suppressed or repressed traumatic memories, freeing you from self-sabotaging behaviours and the painful emotions, so you can access your authentic self, promting self-compassion.


According to Dr. Henry Rohrberg, “One Transformational Breath session is equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy.”


Breathwork and Non-ordinary States of Consciousness 

In addition, there is a long history of altering the breath as a means to enter expanded and ‘non-ordinary’ states of consciousness, similar to techniques like chanting and prayer recitation, shamanic journeying, ingesting plant medicines or psychedelics,  in which the constant barrage of mental rumination suspends and there’s greater sense of clarity, absorption, oneness, and peace.

Of course, there is another aspect at play in altered state experiences that we have yet to understand through neuropsychology – consciousness. Breathwork clients have reported experiences of seeing loved ones or pets who have crossed over, visions that illuminate aspects of creation and reality, visitations from spirit helpers and guides, and deeper understanding of past and present relationships, path and purpose in life, etc. These types of experiences can have life changing impacts, and as many have described, these states can feel like years worth of therapy in one, 60-minute journey.

Connected Breathwork and the Emotional Release

Breathwork is an opportunity for those seeking clarity, grounding, resilience, and accessing their authentic self. From navigating loss and grief to releasing unhelpful thinking and behavioural patterns, breathwork can support release of tension, stress, and trauma from the body, and allow you to connect with your deeper wisdom, innate knowing, aliveness, and inspiration for life. It goes right into the root of the presenting problems much quicker than talking therapy.

With regular practice you will be capable of healing yourself naturally, enabling you to live a better life free of your repressed emotions and the negative anchors which are held in each part of your body. Incredibly, your breathing pattern is actually as unique as your fingerprint and the way you breathe is one of the strongest indications of what lies beneath in your unconscious.

Identifying how your breath and body communicates can quickly get to the root of any underlying problems, and this means breathwork is especially good for people who find it difficult to express their emotions on a mental level.


Once your breathing patterns have been analysed, you’ll be shown methods that promote fully connected, diaphragmatic breath through conscious breathing, utilising the senses of touch and sound, in addition to movement and positive affirmations. These techniques allow the whole respiratory system to be opened up, encouraging a greater sense of well-being and a more balanced and harmonious state of mind, and through regular practice you will be better equipped to accept and deal with negative emotional states, whilst also accessing your compassionate, authentic self.

Self Healing Services

Below you’ll find a few of my more popular services. Please get in touch for further information and let me explain what I can do for you.

121 - The Breath Psychologist


I offer individual and couple sessions in South London, SW9, SE24, and SW2. I am available at weekdays, weekends and evenings.

Elif breath coach


The goal of these levels is to use the Breath to create powerful and permanent personal transformation in a relatively short period.

Reclaim Your Breath


We are gathering to breathe to relax, reset and renew our nervous system for emotional and mental resilience.

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