I have worked with Elif over a period of one to one sessions. This experience has completely surpassed my expectations. I learned that conditions like depression, anxiety and migraines are possible to overcome and be free from.

I had Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; after trying many conventional therapies and approaches with fairly limited results. I discovered Transformational breathing.

Elif has a deep level of knowledge and experience which she is able to bring to the sessions. She is highly professional and has a natural ability to work with the body and its expressions of trauma. Working with Elif has transformed my life; I no longer suffer from depression, anxiety and energy blow outs. I have not had a migraine in the last 9 months! The impact of this has enabled me to really experience life in the present and my life has positively changed as a direct result of these sessions. I feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and could not recommend the experience enough.

Elaine Philpot

“When I attended a breathing session with Elif the whole experience was incredible! Elif clearly has a natural ability to connect with people and I trust her completely. She truly understood the possible types of emotions that were stored and concentrated on certain parts of my body to help release these. The result was a very deep and powerful experience, one I will never forget, have told all my friends about, and definitely hope to repeat! ”
Gemma, London

From the first session I breathed with Elif at a workshop, I felt an unexplainable connection with her – even though we’d never spoken, I felt she knew exactly what me and my body needed. This has continued through one to one sessions and breathing groups and retreats I’ve attended with her. Through Transformational Breathing, Elif has helped me reconnect with my emotions and I think it’s also been a really important tool to help me find a new direction in life (both career and general wellbeing). Elif’s biggest strength is her intuition. Closely followed by her passion for helping people through Transformational Breath. She’s funny, cheeky, knowledgable and experienced. I’m so happy to have met her.

When I read that one session of Transformational Breath was equivalent to two years of psychotherapy, the cynic in me scoffed. But to my amazement, Elif identified in seconds what my issues were by simply watching my breath. That first session was truly eye-opening. It became abundantly and physically clear to me for the first time just how much unexpressed grief and anger I was holding onto and the effect it was having on my life. I knew then that this was a technique that I could use to change how I live and that Elif was a very skilled practitioner whom I could rely on. I feel lucky to have found her.

“I was recommended by my voice coach to come and see Elif in order to improve my breathing technique. When I met Elif I realised immediately that if we were to work together it would go much further than just “fixing” my breathing.

Elif is one of those people I call magicians. She is intuitive, wise and talented and is able to read the body and the soul from the moment she starts working on your breathing.

She also uses her valuable knowledge and experience as a psychologist which gives her work a holistic approach. We now meet up on a regular basis and each time is a new adventure, emotions come up to the surface, whether familiar to me or yet still undiscovered, and as they come up I am able to deal with them by acknowledging them and accepting them.

There is a great deal of acceptance, openness and letting go in Elif’s teaching. My learning experience with Elif is to me as precious as holding a gem between my hands, it is important, enriching and beautiful. My husband has also started working with her and I would definitely advise our children, who are now young adults, to come to Elif if they ever feel that breathing could make an impact in their lives.

Caroline Crier

“A dear friend took me along to see Elif as I was in a very dark place after the break of a relationship and having become physically ill . I had become chronically depressed and was suffering severe anxiety, I was battling thoughts of suicide. At the moment I stepped in to Elifs space I immediately felt some relief and it was clear this was a safe and comfortable environment to start to let go of all the emotional turbulence i was carrying around. Elif is warm and open and understanding and a superb listener and from the first session of guided breathing I felt a huge shift in the way I was feeling which felt like taking my first breathe in quite some time.

As we continued the breathing practice we went deeper in to the emotional and energetic blocks which is not always easy but absolutely necessary and as I really had had enough of feeling as I did I was prepared to take that journey in order to heal, Elif was always there to support and listen and guide. The breathing techniques not only clear these negative emotions and energies very quickly but once they are clear they allow light to start to enter in to areas starved of it and once this happens the body starts to rejoice , this is truly liberating and healing.

Elif is a true healer and her intentions are pure and righteous and I possibly owe her my life . ”

Carl, London

“With Elif you are in such safe hands! She is the most wonderful and powerful breath coach. She is one of those incredible people that instantly creates love and trust. She will gently help you bring out the best in you and the most amazing thing is that the breath work is so simple yet so powerful. I can highly recommend Elif.”
Maria, London


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