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Breathe Away Your Anxiety

What is anxiety? Anxiety is a persistent feeling of worry, fear or nervousness. If you are feeling anxious, it is likely that your body’s automatic fight-or-flight response has been triggered by a perceived threat. Having an anxiety disorder is awful and can prevent you from living the life you want, [...]

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“When I attended a breathing session with Elif the whole experience was incredible! Elif clearly has a natural ability to connect with people and I trust her completely. She truly understood the possible types of emotions that were stored and concentrated on certain parts of my body to help release these. The result was a very deep and powerful experience, one I will never forget, have told all my friends about, and definitely hope to repeat! ” 


“With Elif you are in such safe hands! She is the most wonderful and powerful breath coach. She is one of those incredible people that instantly creates love and trust. She will gently help you bring out the best in you and the most amazing thing is that the breath work is so simple yet so powerful. I can highly recommend Elif.”


“When I read that one session of Transformational Breath was equivalent to two years of psychotherapy, the cynic in me scoffed. But to my amazement, Elif identified in seconds what my issues were by simply watching my breath. That first session was truly eye-opening. “


“A dear friend took me along to see Elif as I was in a very dark place after the break of a relationship and having become physically ill.  Elif is a true healer and her intentions are pure and righteous and I possibly owe her my life . ”


Discover the inner YOU

Learning yoga nidra and various yogic breathing techniques can give you an in-depth understanding of the power of the body to shift deeply rooted beliefs and behaviours.

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