The Restorative Power of Transformational Breath® in Reducing Anxiety

Learning how to breathe in a way that reduced stress and anxiety is the focus of a discipline called Transformational Breath®. We asked practitioner Elif Clarke to explain how important this breathing work can be during these challenging times for people who have anxiety in relation to smoking and Covid-19.

Here’s her response…

Transformational Breath helps address the unhelpful beliefs and thoughts which underlie anxiety in relation to smoking and Covid-19. When we feel anxious, we hold our breath.

Transforming your breathing from shallow inhales or chest breathing associated with a stressed and anxious state to breathing deeply with the diaphragm helps slow down your heart, reduce levels of cortisol and adrenaline and help return the nervous system to a rested state.

Transformational Breath use four modalities to instigate change and release stress and anxiety.

1. Movement – helps release tension connect us to our subconscious from the diaphragm and release pent-up energy and release inhibitions.

2. Sound – helps release tension around the jaws, to express their unexpressed truth, so that they can feel heard and listened to.

3. Acupressure – helps release tension from constricted muscles and let go of stored painful emotions.

4. Affirmation – helps to build self-confidence and positivity and access your true essence.

Transformational Breath is essentially conscious connected breathing with no pauses on inhale and exhale, that helps trigger the parasympathetic nervous system and release tension in your body and utilises your full lung capacity which has many benefits.