Transformational Breath ®
Seminar Course (Levels 1,2,3)


DATE: 18/10/2024| TIMES: 09:30-17;00| DURATION: (6 DAYS)

Location: LSE Bankside House 24 Sumner Street London SE1 9JA

This is a week of profound transformation and empowerment where you will be fully immersed in the deep knowledge needed to work with yourself and others with this powerful self-healing tool.

TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH® PERSONAL LEVEL Training Programs (Step 1 toward Certification & Professional Training)
These are 6-day non-residential programmes identical in content to the Seminar week and comprises of Levels I, II and III.
Staffing: This personal training will be led by Senior Trainer Elif Clarke, Co-Trainers and Facilitators.

Dive Deep into Transformational Breathwork

Join Us for a Transformative Six-Day Breathwork Week

Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and healing? Look no further than our upcoming six-day Transformative Breathwork Week, led by two senior trainers and a team of dedicated facilitators.

Level 123 in Transformational Breath: Unleash Your Potential

This immersive experience offers the opportunity to delve deep into your self-practice and self-development while accessing your innate healing intelligence. With a focus on releasing trauma and cultivating personal growth, participants will learn and practice the most powerful breathwork technique, Transformational Breath.

Your Path to Becoming a Facilitator

Completing levels 1, 2, and 3 in Transformational Breath is a prerequisite for those seeking to become facilitators in this powerful modality. Our comprehensive program provides the foundation and skills needed to guide others on their own transformative journey.

Breath work

What to Expect:

Exploring the diversity of full diaphragmatic breathing in varied ways such as Self Breathing, Seated Sessions, Third Eye, Throat, Dry Birth Session, Mini-session, Spiritual Session, Brain Balancing, and Mirror Breathing

  • Fountain of Youth 5 Tibetan Rites
  • “The Work” Judgment Resolution Process
  • Soul Dyadic Communication
  • Work on the Inner Child
  • And lots of fun and games
  • Forgiveness Exercise
  • Prosperity Program
  • Sound Healing
  • Breathing Analysis
  • Body Mapping
  • Pre- and post-session
  • Transformational Coaching

Full Price £1650 fully inclusive of delegate rate.

We have an Early Bird price of £1500  in place until the 15th  of September 2024 or until we have filled the first 10 places
(which ever happens first)

Balances are due from the 1st of October 2024

About the senior trainer

Elif Clarke is a highly experienced Transformational Breath senior trainer with a background in psychology and trauma-informed therapy. With over 25 years of expertise as an HCPC registered psychologist and BABCP registered psychotherapist, Elif specialises in helping individuals overcome complex, developmental trauma and attachment wounding. Through her intuitive and compassionate guidance, she supports clients in releasing emotional blockages by working directly with the breath and body. Elif’s extensive training in various therapeutic modalities, including EMDR and somatic experiencing, enhances her ability to create a safe and nurturing space for deep healing.

As a senior trainer and teacher of Transformational Breath, Elif has traveled worldwide, providing breathwork sessions in diverse settings such as prisons, hospices, and retreats. Her expertise in psychology and breathwork enables her to facilitate transformative experiences for individuals suffering from trauma-related symptoms, addiction, anxiety, and depression.

Elif Clarke

Get In Touch

Telephone: 07944532456

Elif drum

Her expertise in psychology and breathwork enables her to facilitate transformative experiences for individuals suffering from trauma-related symptoms, addiction, anxiety, and depression. Elif’s background in yoga teaching and energy modalities further enriches her holistic approach, recognising the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit in the healing process.

With her profound ability to read individual breath patterns, Elif guides clients to tap into their inner wisdom and authentic selves. She believes in the power of the body and breath as a language of healing, providing a somatic experience that bypasses analytical thinking.

Through her compassionate approach and extensive experience, Elif Clarke is dedicated to helping individuals access their innate healing capacity and find lasting transformation and well-being.

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