Online  121 Transformational Breath®          Sessions

These sessions offer online Transformational Breath® to couples who like to resolve conflict and communicate in a meaningful and deeper level.

Transformational Breath® has been found to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety, promoting better sleep and is known to boost the immune system, it also strengthens and builds a more resilient and healthy respiratory system. The very part of us currently under attack.

In addition to the above benefits, during Transformational Breath® session, you will be connecting to your breath much deeper and profound level, so that you can breath fully and deeply with the diaphragm. You will be guided with the help of your breath, movement, affirmations, and self-body mapping, to access and clear emotional blockages which was restricting your breathing, so that you will be connecting to your intuitive wise part of you strongly. This can help you to achieve a new and beautiful home practice that will be beneficial now and beyond this lockdown and epidemic phase.

I have been using online methods with my clients and its proved to be just as powerful, profound and inspiring as my regular in person sessions. 

I am sharing two testimonies I received from my online clients.

Thank you Elif for such a wonderful online breathing session, it blew my expectations completely out of the water! As a single person living alone, I have been especially missing human touch in these past two months. A handshake, a hug, a kiss. Physical contact that connects us, unites us.

Once I got into position, closed my eyes and started breathing to your music, it was as if you were right next to me. I felt held by you, supported by you, loved by you. The intensity of that beautiful feeling gave me the safety to drop into the place of surrender and vulnerability that I needed to go to. And what intense moments of release I experienced as a result: release of emotions I had been holding onto; release of tension that had been building up with this challenging lockdown. I am feeling so light and clear-headed right now. Feeling centred, grounded, creative!

Thank you for your beautiful intuition and guidance. I will book in for another session next week!


This was among the most powerful breathwork sessions I’ve experienced. Elif’s holding of the space and specific facilitation was pretty outstanding. I was surprised – as my first official on-line session as a client – that the work can be this powerful over Zoom. Fantastic.

This session was significant because of the downloads that I got. This was one of those sessions that brought some big insights about how to move forward on my path as an alternative healthcare provider. At one point some very strong feelings of gratitude came, with emotion, and clear instructions about some things that have been percolating.



Session pricing is available on a sliding scale on a case by case basis. Please call for further information.

Cancellation Policy

Full charge will be made, if the cancellation made less than 24 hours before the appointment time.


You can book online sessions by contacting me directly on or phone on 07944 532456.

Once you book your session, you will be provided with the payment details and then you will be receiving an intake form, a list of things that you need during the breath session, and a Zoom ID for the session.

If you have never done it before, It is required that you need to attend minimum three sessions and be available for 10 mins follow up after each session.


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