Transformational Breath Personal Seminars

Seminar Level I, II and III

With Elif Clarke & International Senior Trainer Dr Nadja Benschop

Level I, II and III


13th to 18th July 2020


Studio Orchard
Mount Pleasant Farm, Andrew Hill Ln, Hedgerley, Slough SL2 3UW

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Seminar Level I, II and III

With Elif Clarke & International Senior Trainer Eugenia Altamira

Level I, II and III


11th to 16th December 2020


Studio Orchard
Mount Pleasant Farm, Andrew Hill Ln, Hedgerley, Slough SL2 3UW

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(Step 1 toward Certification & Professional Training)

These are 6-day non residential programmes identical in content to the Seminar week and comprises of Levels I, II and III.

  • Staffing: These personal training’s will be led by Senior Trainer Elif Clarke, supported by International Senior Trainers Dr Nadja Benschop in July and Eugenia Altamira in December.

Course Description

The goal of these levels is to use the Breath to create powerful and permanent personal transformation in a relatively short period. These levels start the process of mastering one’s breath, understanding how it is directly connected to tapping into one’s life or life-force, and provide tools and instruction so one may continue self-sessions at home.

These 6 days are packed with numerous ways of working with Transformational Breath so that, post-programme, it becomes an important part of the participant’s life on a daily basis. There are two to three breath sessions each day.

Level Activities include:

  • Exploring the diversity of full diaphragmatic breathing in varied ways such as Self Breathing, Seated Sessions, Third Eye, Throat, Warm Water Session, Mini-session, Spiritual Session, Brain Balancing, and Mirror Breathing
  • Fountain of Youth 5 Tibetan Rites
  • “The Work” Judgment Resolution Process
  • Soul Dyadic Communication
  • Work on the Inner Child
  • And lots of fun and games
  • Forgiveness Exercise
  • Prosperity Program
  • Sound Healing
  • Breathing Analysis
  • Body Mapping
  • Pre- and post- session Transformational Coaching

Brief insight

This is an official Transformational Breath Programme. In this seminar you will open and expand your breathing and experience its potential to gift you with great changes such as enhanced health, greater peace, direction in life, vitality, creativity, and spiritual awakening just to name a few.

This has been called a life changing experience, because for many it is. It is a time for deep personal transformation, and also the first part of your training should you wish to share this internationally recognised self-healing modality with others.

Benefits of Transformational Breath

Open your Breath

Learn to use your whole respiratory system

Increase oxygenation throughout the body

Improve energy levels and circulation

Improve well-being for many conditions

Addictions, stress, respiratory ailments, anaerobic diseases, and many others.

Reduce worry and anxiety

Relieves depressive and negative emotions

Clear past traumas and dramas

Improves self-esteem

Deepen meditation & expands awareness

Develops spiritual gifts & creates connection

What others say about the levels…

“There is nothing more powerful than Transformational Breath. It’s a game changer.”

“Life changing”

“Please do not delay your deepest intuition in learning how to breathe. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.”

“Seriously you have to do this. I am flying. I emptied my brain and cleaned my body. I am a new person”

Transformational Breath Trainers

Elif Clarke

Senior Trainer

Elif Clarke is a Trainer with 20 years experience as an NHS Psychologist. She is an advanced Yoga Teacher. Her whole professional career has been dedicated to helping others. Elif is passionate about helping people to breathe better because it’s the most powerful therapy she has experienced. She travels around the world teaching Transformational Breath to different cultures and social backgrounds. In Mexico, she witnessed the impact Transformational Breath had on the lives of women prisoners. She has worked alongside Judith Kravitz many times. She’s currently off to Rythmia in Costa Rica where she will be sharing her expertise as one of the top breathworkers in the World.

International Senior Trainer

Dr Nadja Benschop has been working as a qualified and registered physician since 1999. She is also an energy healer and reader as well as Senior Trainer in Transformational Breath. Her unique offering of both conventional and complementary medicine brings credibility to the breath world. She discovered Transformational Breath back in 2005 and trained with Dr Judith Kravitz.

Although based in the Netherlands she has had many years’ experience of sharing this work internationally, giving talks, running workshops as well as professional training levels for facilitators. She specialises in working with clients with cancer and both Elif and Sarah have been fortunate enough to have received her teaching in this area. We are delighted to welcome her presence to these levels.


Sarah Jons is a Co-Trainer who discovered Transformational Breath® by accident. Guided by intuition, she searched for a way to work deeply with her clients. She is a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist & NLP New Code Master Practitioner with a practice in Fleet Street London. As well as being educated to Post Graduate level, she is a professional member of the Complementary and National Healthcare Council. Sarah specialises in stress management, anxiety, addictions, and infertility. She co-founded The Big Breath Company with Elif and focuses on organising the events.

Sarah Jons


Timings will be

On Day 1 we will start teaching at 4 pm in the afternoon

On Day 2 to Day 6

Each day teaching will start for participants at 9 am and finish around 6 pm or 7pm.

The last day we aim to finish around 2pm after lunch

Come join us on this life changing journey!

Costs and Booking?

Official Transformational Breath Programmes follow an international pricing structure.

The cost of these training for Level I, II & III are £1450 for 2020.


This Seminar is non-residential in a beautiful boutique yoga studio in Buckinghamshire, near Beaconsfield & Gerrards Cross. There are many local accommodation options if you wish to stay nearby.

This is a venue we have been using for many of our workshops and has the perfect energy and setting for our work. Following on from the feedback we have received over the years and to keep this event affordable we will not be providing full catering. We will supply a light offering each day. We will be providing healthy snacks and teas for the breaks as well. There are no cafes or shops within walking distance. Sp please make arrangements to bring your own food. There will be a microwave available if you need to heat anything up.

There is a Service Station a couple of miles away that has accommodation and lots of restaurants to choose from.

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Mount Pleasant Farm, Andrew Hill Ln, Hedgerley, Slough SL2 3UW

Tel: 01491 680221

Terms & Conditions

  • The booking process requires you to register and make a partial (non refundable) payment of £400. This deposit is due within 7 days after the receipt of the invoice.
  • Please note the balance of these levels are due 6 weeks in advance of the start date.
  • Individual holiday insurance is recommended to be taken out at the time of booking. Prices do not include train tickets, flights or transfers. We can not provide any refund for transport problems or delays or cancellations due to sickness or ill health.
  • You will receive regular joining instructions from us closer to the arrival dates
  • Should you have any specific requirements or further questions please Email The Big Breath Company
  • Booking is taken as acceptance of these conditions.

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