What is Transformational Breath®?

Transformational Breath® is self-empowering tool connecting to our deepest self to achieve physical, emotional and psychological well-being by breathing throughout whole respiratory system in a connected conscious way.

Without breath there is no life — it is as simple as that, and still, many people take their breathing for granted. Because it is an automatic biological functioning, they fail to realise that it can also be a voluntary process that can be used consciously to enhance the quality of their lives and the health of their bodies.

There are numerous breath techniques and schools of thought, but the most effective one is transformational breath. This breathing not only opens up and corrects old ineffective ways of breathing its safe, effective and results are permanent.

It also teaches individuals to use their breathing to:

  • increase mental and physical vigorousness
  • massage internal organs.
  • sleep better
  • free oneself from fear
  • increase self-awareness
  • promote self-acceptance and self-soothing
  • freeing oneself from ruminative thoughts about the past and worrying thoughts about the future.
  • increase resilience to deal with stress of life
  • bring out the natural state of internal peace and joy.
  • heighten present moment awareness
  • increase self-love and self-care
  • reduce stress
  • increase energy
  • heighten self-awareness
  • heal emotional traumas and connect more full with the one’s intuition.

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What to Expect

Transformational breathing involves re-training the body to breath naturally like a child, with a fully connected diaphragmatic breath for physical, emotional and psychological well-being. According to statistics, most of us use only 35% of our respiratory capacity, it is no surprise that improper breathing is a contributor to ill health.

Your breath tells you how you live your life, what relationship you have with yourself and others.

Difficulty breathing stores unexpressed emotions in the body, eventually they manifest into  physical and psychological problems. By breathing fully, those emotions are fully expressed and eventually cleared

At the beginning of the session, you will be given an opportunity to say what brought you to the breath session and what help you are looking for. It might be that you would like to receive help with anxiety, depression, asthma, and many more. It might be to let go tension in the body.

Then, you will be asked to lie down on your back. With the gentle direction, you will be couched to breath in your own way. After identifying your breathing pattern, we will check what part of the body breath isn’t able to go through, where you are holding your breath, and how much air you’re taking in and letting out, if there is a pause before inhale or after exhale, then we use acupressure to release tension and contractions, so that the breath goes into these areas.

To help the flow of breath into those restricted areas, we use sound, movement, and positive affirmations.

You may feel a number of sensations, like dry mouth, tingling, numbness, and change in temperature as well as emotional release. Each breathing session is unique, so it’s best to come with an open mind and not to have a specific expectation.

The first session usually lasts between 90 minutes to two hours, allowing to evaluate the client’s needs. Subsequent sessions last an hour to 90 minutes. Clients are advised to come between 3-5 time in order to be able to practice the techniques by themselves on a regular basis.

How it Works

In practice, most of us have difficulty using whole respiratory system, some of us use only abdomen others the chest.

Our breath is often irregular, shallow, or restricted. As a result of dysfunctional breathing, the amount of energy flowing to the body and mind is limited.

This constriction and restriction of the breath happens regularly and quite innocently to most of us. Just think about how your breathing changes when you are afraid and upset.

Most people instinctively withdraw from these types of emotional situations; and one of the mechanisms used to control the flood of feelings is to hold or restrict our breathings.

We do this in an attempt to be self-protective and not feel ‘bad’ feelings. What we are actually doing, though, is suppressing or repressing the negative emotional energy of the experience into our bodies. Keeping it repressed (held in subconscious) over time requires a tremendous ongoing expenditure of energy, creates chronic tension in our bodies, and requires us to continue to breath in shallow restricted patterns.

The first things we do in transformational breathing is to open up and clear these restricted breathing patterns. So, we look at the breathing pattern of each individual person, adjust to their breathing practice position, identify blockages and contractions in their breath and then the client is thought to full connected, open diaphragmatic breath by combining hands-on acupressure, sound, movement and positive affirmations.

Thus, you will taught to breath more effectively and easily by training to use your entire respiratory system and to take in as much oxygen as possible. There are many and varied benefits from just learning to breathe better. Although the specific results one achieves depend on a lot upon the intention one brings to their breathing sessions.

Just about everyone who practices this breathing reports feeling reduced stress, more peace and joy, and most notably increased energy.

Once the breath is open and flowing, this deep, full, and circular breathing pattern creates an opening to the subconscious mind. Breathing into previously closed places allows negativity to surface, repressed emotions and memories, and other patterns of dense or blocked energy.

As feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations arise during breathing session, breathers are supported and encouraged by their coaches to simply allow the process to happen, trusting that everything they are feeling is natural and safe. Instead of resisting (what we resist persists) any uncomfortable emotions or bodily sensations, are allowed to come and breath into those emotions to integrate them.

Many breathers reported to fully connected to their intuition, so that they receive insights, clarity and spiritual gifts during and after their sessions from themselves. with each breathing session, they become lighter and clearer as they gain the ability to see past illusion and follow their own inner guidance.

During this phase many breather report experiencing higher state of awareness, whilst at the same time staying well grounded in their bodies.

Rudolph Stainer states:

“The rhythm of breathing, more than anything else, shows man to be a microcosm, a little world. Man’s breathing copies the process of the great world, the macrocosm”.