I’ve been on a journey of self-empowerment and understanding.

It’s taken a lifetime of searching, travelling and looking in lots of different places.

A while ago, I stopped looking outside, and found new answers by looking inwards.

Something changed in me when I discovered Transformational Breath®.

I experience profound insight into myself when I breathe with a connected breath. I can appreciate my completeness with both strength and weakness.

“Transformational Breath ® is my Teacher”. It guides and supports me, I am present in my physical body, with all my emotions, thoughts, assumptions and beliefs. My pain is no longer overwhelming, it has found it’s right home somewhere within my body.

The awareness of how various breath patterns reflects our emotional state enhances my practice as a Psychologist.

I can see clearly how body and mind are designed to heal themselves.

Your ‘breath’ is your own self-empowering tool. It is your therapist, your guide, your inner wisdom. It’s with you at all times.

Your breath will help you to identify, understand and work through unhelpful patterns which stop you from discovering your own ‘true self’.

The connection between your breath and your emotional state is where the greater intelligence lies (not between your mind and its own intelligence).

The breath mirrors how you’re feelings, what you’re thinking, it breathes the truth.

If you can understand what your breath is telling you, then you will become self-responsible for your own actions, and behaviours. It’s not about looking to others to provide what you need, because you will know you have ‘everything’ already within. You can be authentic and maintain a sense of yourself as separate-not merging with others, or projecting on to them. You can find peace within the pain.

Let Breath be your Teacher, let me show you how.