The journey to search for ‘who am I’ and how I attain internal peace brought me to the Transformational Breath®.

Am I the person whose personality are defined by the external circumstances or by the presence of my true self hidden away to be discovered.

The search to find answers to these questions started twenty years ago with the study of psychology which equipped me with an intellectual understanding of the human mind and behaviours. Then to compliment the intellect, I trained in yoga to connect the mind with the body.

Within yoga, the unity with the self had been furthered. I had an experience of realising that the self is not changeable, it is pure and loving, but our attachment to limiting beliefs are keeping us away from who we really are.

So, with yoga practices, I managed to keep these beliefs and associated feelings under control. I was able to watch them without emotionally getting involved with them. I then noticed that there were contradiction in my behaviour and feelings.

I became too addicted to feel ‘good’ and ‘peaceful’. I started using all sort of defences and coping strategies to stay in that way. Then I realised that without going into the deepest and darkest part of myself, I would not be able to connect with who I am.

So, the thirst of bringing the whole part of myself together led me to find transformational breath® which works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I finally became totally at home with myself.

The breath is simple and since it’s coming from the own self it consists of all sort of complex behaviours and feelings.

By allowing myself to slow down and connect to my breath it led me to get in touch with my deepest hidden fears, insecurities, doubts and many more.

Through transformational breath®, those feelings came conscious to be processed and integrated rather than to be denied.

It is an amazing self-empowering tool which links the unconscious to conscious, therefore It bypasses the mind.  It helps you to connect those emotions that you rather not have anything to do with it.

The huge amount of energy I spent to push them away disappeared so that I become totally connected with my ‘true self’ which brought me total FREEDOM.