With Transformational Breath® we learn to breath like babies (no pauses between inhalation and exhalation).

It is the freedom of babies breath that captivates me the most. Their little bodies respond constantly to every impulse that passes through them. When they exhale, they surrender and let go. Unlike adults, their breath has not become restricted and constricted with the stress of life. What a relief!

When I undertake my Transformational Breath® practice (or Baby breath) I can breath as naturally and freely as they can.

Something begins to open up inside creating a huge internal space in which I can allow any emotions to rise. The armour that protects the outer world from touching my inner world begins to fall away.

I feel anger, love, pain, frustration, and joy. I surrender to whatever I experience at that moment. The feeling of gratitude engulfs me totally and I know that I don’t need to seek anything from anybody, it is right here and comes from me. All I need is to be within.

In my own practice, when I engage in transformational breath® no one needs to tell me what muscle to move, or where the breath should land, or how long to pause between breaths. The image of the babies breath carries all the instruction I need. It speaks directly to my body, bypassing my eager, analytical brain.

Through transformational breath® (or Baby breath), I invite the breath to flow like water into the deepest reaches of my body and then watch how my body responds.

After a few moments of transformational breath®, my body breaths itself with no effort, and I then notice the softening of muscles in each part of my body and feel the deep but subtle movement inside that follow the rhythm of the breath.
I remain surrendered to my breath when those inner rhythms begin to carry me into connecting to my deepest feelings.

No force, no restriction or constriction – just floating in the ocean of my breath. I can become totally authentic, creative and expressive.

I find myself engaging in Transformational breath® (or Baby breath) when I am stuck in the traffic feeling frustrated and angry, when I am eating or when I am talking to a friend but my awareness is not in the present moment.

I have observed that it is hard to be forceful or hardhearted when I breath like a baby. Transformational breath® inspires an openness to the world, compassion and kindness to myself and to others. My whole world expands and grows.

When I breath with my cats whose breathing pattern is similar to babies, connected without any pauses, even if the world comes at me like a ten-ton truck, I feel at ease with whatever happens. I can adjust, adapt and accommodate. It helps me to find my way back to the tranquility and spaciousness within me.